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One Button Studio-Basic

The Automated Audio/Video Recording System you’ve been waiting for.

Super. Simple.

Show up with a thumb drive.

Walk away with a great video.

The One Button Studio-Basic Kit Makes it Easy


  • Reliable and easy to use, so training and tech support are minimized.

  • Popular with students and teachers, because you don’t need to be a video production expert to walk away a great video.

  • Built on robust and frequently updated software, with lifetime tech support.

  • Easy, 1-day installation! Comes in kit form, 90% assembled. One Button Studio; one-click-purchase.

Why hassle with tripods, light stands, camcorders and cables when you can have an all-in-one system in a dedicated space?

We enable organizations to produce visual communications quickly and easily. This comprehensive presentation recording kit contains everything you need to turn a small room into an automated recording studio.


A/V Cart w/Rack Mounted Gear, Monitor, Camera, Studio Lights, Microphone, Mac Mini, 5-Year Software License, Acoustic Treatment, Phone & Email Tech Support

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