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The professional presentation broadcasting solution that’s easy to use.

Present & Broadcast

Load your PowerPoint.

Record and/or Broadcast.

Upload your finished video.

There’s one principle that holds true in the world of AV equipment:
The harder it is to use, the less it will be used. If you are going to invest a substantial sum into a quality AV system, make sure ease-of-use is at the top of your feature list! The StudioMatic brand is built around this philosophy, and our customers tend to get very excited when they experience it. Simple, easy, and professional? Yes! That’s how we do it.

One Button Studio Pro v4 – 2 min overview

The OBS Pro Removes Technical Barriers, Saving Time & Money.

  • Reliable and easy-to-use, so training and tech support are minimized.
  • Popular with presenters of all ages, because there is no learning curve, and no editing required.
  • 3-year software license.
  • Professional, turnkey installation available.
  • All-inclusive kit for building a One Button Studio room.
  • 1 year warranty & tech support included.

Why hassle with tripods, light stands, camcorders and cables when you can have an all-in-one system in a dedicated space?

Use cases:

  • Corporate Offices
  • Coworking Spaces
  • College Campuses
  • Public Libraries
  • Broadcast Studios

OBS Pro Features:

  • Broadcast Camera & Optics
  • Touchscreen Control Panel
  • Pro Level Compositing
  • Upload to the Cloud
One Button Studio Pro v4 Cabinet with Teleprompter

Not only does the OBS Pro reduce production time, its live compositing features eliminate post-production!

The All-Inclusive OBS Pro kit ($49,000) Includes:

  • Two M2 Mac Minis; presentation & compositing/recording
  • Dual HD monitors
  • Panasonic BGH1 Camera with 12-35mm Lumix Lens
  • Ultimatte hardware chroma keying
  • 8’x8′ freestanding green screen
  • H.264 or ProRes recording
  • Low latency live video preview
  • End-to-end balanced audio signal path
  • Behringer Xenyx 1204USB Audio Mixer
  • Sennheiser MKE 600 Microphone
  • Fsorb Acoustical treatment for superior audio
  • Extension mount for boomed microphone placement
  • Tunable Aputure LED Studio Lighting
  • All hardware for hanging microphone & lights from a drop-ceiling
  • Integrated console for full presenter control
  • ADA friendly motorized sit/stand desk
  • Digital Lightboard
  • Zoom Teleprompter

StudioMatic: One Button Studio Pro

One Button Studio Pro

In this video, Jason walks you through the One Button Studio Pro v4.

When technology is easy to use, it actually gets used! We have gone to great lengths to make sure the One Button Studio Pro meets this standard. Too many times, we have seen the “latest-and-greatest” big-name technology purchased, then remain largely unused––all because it’s complicated and intimidating.

Our One Button Studio kits are complete solutions. That means you get everything you need to turn a small room into an automated, self-serve, presentation recording studio. To make things even easier, we also offer a turn-key installation service and extended warranty & support contracts!

OBS Pro v4 Walkthrough Video [ Run Time: 11:50 ]

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Each One Button Studio kit includes a free 1-year support contract.

Technical support is provided by the StudioMatic One Button Studio developer, Jason Jenkins. He is available via phone or email to assist with any problems during installation or operation.

Phone: 855-687-8824

Support content is also available at, including video tutorials, images and documents.

Each One Button Studio kit comes with a 3-year software license. When the license term ends, another license will need to be purchased. To renew your license, contact


Our One Button Studio systems have a 12 month warranty. If any component of the One Button Studio should fail during the first 12 months of ownership, we will facilitate repair or replacement of the faulty component, at no charge.

If any component of the One Button Studio should fail after the first 12 months of ownership, we will facilitate repair or replacement of the faulty component, charging the retail price of the repair or replacement.