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No Crew. Just You.

The only complete studio system
that’s powerful enough for a CEO,
and easy enough for a 6th-Grader.

One Button Studio Pro

 Professional presentation recording, without a crew.
 Professional results. Easy-to-use.
No editing required.
Robust and frequently updated software.
High-end camera and audio.
Everything you need in one kit.
1 Year Free Tech Support.

One Button Studio Plus

Automated, self-serve presentation recording.
Walk away with a finished video.
No editing required.
 Easy to use. No new software to learn.
Everything you need in one kit.
1 Year Free Tech Support.

Automated, Turnkey One Button Studio kits.

  • Everything you need to turn a small room into a professional presentation recording studio.
  • So easy to use, even technophobes love it!
  • Professional presentation recording, without a crew.
  • Show up with a PowerPoint, walk away with a finished video!

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Presenter in front of green screen composite

One Button Studio Pro v4
(2 min video)

The StudioMatic One Button Studio Pro v4 breaks down all the technical barriers and lets you focus on the content. Whether you’re a CEO communicating with the entire company, a college professor creating course content, or a middle-schooler recording morning announcements, the One Button Studio is accessible, inclusive, and always ready to go.

One Button Studio Installation

Texas Medical Center Library – Houston, Texas

One Button Studio Feature Comparison

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Features OBS Pro OBS Plus
One Touch A/V Recording
Ease-of-use is what StudioMatic is known for. Just push the red button to start recording!
Recording Playback Review
Instantly review your recording to make sure it's what you want. Not happy? Just record again.
Digital Lightboard Compatible
The Digital Lightboard is a StudioMatic exclusive that allows the presenter to write and draw directly on the live video. No more dealing with dried up markers and laborious glass cleaning!
Horizontal Flip
If you prefer to view yourself in mirror mode, just hit the button to toggle it on.
Camera Position Presets
The Green and Plus systems have three zoom presets. The Pro has multiple zoom and position presets.
Built-In Demo Video
Need a refresher on how the system works? You're only a button-click away from a step-by-step demonstration.
Professional A/V Cabinet
Our durable metal cabinet with 4" casters is easy to roll into position.
Rack Mounted Components
An equipment rack with securely mounted components, and neatly routed cables, is a thing of beauty!
90% Assembled
The systems come with the rack-mount components pre-installed and wired, saving you a ton of time.
ReflecMedia Green Screen
This is the same chroma key system used by Hollywood VFX crews. It's ideal for small spaces and eliminates the requirements for talent/backdrop separation and dedicated backdrop lighting.
Fsorb Acoustic Treatment
Made from 60-90% recycled water bottles, these acoustic panels absorb the sound waves that make a room sound like a tin can. These are a must for improving your sound quality.
Fiilex LED Lighting
The Fiilex P360S lights offer amazing color fidelity and control. The color temperature can be dialed in to match the existing room lighting to achieve the most pleasing skin tones.
Live Compositing
Presenter, background, presentation, watermark; live compositing brings it all together, so you walk away with a completely finished video. No editing required!
No Editing Required
Did we mention no editing required?
PinP Presentation Integration
Your presentation is automatically displayed behind you as a picture-in-picture. A single button lets you toggle through five PinP positions.
Select Backgrounds & Logos
The user can pick from a selection of backgrounds to present in front of.
Laptop Presentation Connectivity
Need to show content from your own laptop? Just plug in and click a button to make it happen.
Built-In Presentation PC
The Plus and Pro have built-in presentation PC's, so the user can run their PowerPoint.
Zoom* Add-On Compatible
This allows you to send the program output of the One Button Studio into a Zoom meeting, for presenting to colleagues, students, or classmates. Compatible with other web conferencing software as well.
Panasonic Lumix Camera & Optics
For the ultimate in image quality, go for the Pro!
Sennheiser Audio
This upgraded microphone makes the most of your acoustically treated space.
CMS/Cloud Integration
Drag 'n' drop your recorded presentation into the LMS/CMS of your choice.
Custom Control Panel Functionality
A touch screen control panel can be customized, in software, for your specific use case.
Network Connection Required
All three systems can be connected to the network via ethernet or Wi-Fi.
No Thumb Drive Required
The Green and Plus systems require a thumb drive to trigger the system. The users walk away with their completed video on the thumb drive.

The Pro system operates without a thumb drive. The user uploads recordings directly to a CMS or LMS.
Features OBS Pro OBS Plus
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can help you cover a lot of ground, fast.

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Learn More

Digital Lightboard

Write & Draw Over Your Live Video

Zoom Add-On

Broadcast your Presentation


Pro Installation Done For You

Each One Button Studio kit includes a free 1-year support contract.

Technical support is provided by the StudioMatic One Button Studio developer, Jason Jenkins. He is available via phone or email:  to assist with any problems during installation or operation.

Phone: 855-687-8824

Support content is also available at, including video tutorials, images and documents.

Each One Button Studio kit comes with a 3-year software license. When the license term ends, another license will need to be purchased. To renew your license, contact


Our One Button Studio systems have a 12 month warranty. If any component of the One Button Studio should fail during the first 12 months of ownership, DVEstore Inc. will facilitate repair or replacement of the faulty component, at no charge.

If any component of the One Button Studio should fail after the first 12 months of ownership, DVEstore Inc. will facilitate repair or replacement of the faulty component, charging the retail price of the repair or replacement.