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One Button Studio+Plus:

Everything you need to turn a small room into an interactive, automated recording studio.

Super. Simple.

Show up with a PowerPoint and a

thumb drive.

Walk away with a completely

finished video.

The OBS+Plus Solves Problems

Not only does the OBS+Plus reduce production time, its live compositing features eliminate post-production!

  • Reliable and easy-to-use, so training and tech support are minimized.

  • Popular with students and teachers, because there is no editing required.

  • Robust and frequently updated software.

  • Delivered 90% assembled for easier installation.

  • All-inclusive kit for building a One Button Studio room.

  • 1 Year Free Tech Support.

Why hassle with tripods, light stands, camcorders and cables when you can have an all-in-one system in a dedicated space? Use cases:

  • Student Assignment Presentations
  • Online Class Content Creation
  • Training Videos
  • Presentation Practice
  • Campus Communications

New features for Version 2.0:

  • Integrated Console
  • Unlimited Backgrounds and Watermarks
  • Instant Video Playback Review
  • Built-in Video Tutorial

The All-Inclusive OBS+plus kit ($17,825.00) Includes:

  • Two 2018 Mac Minis; one for the presentation, one for live compositing/recording
  • PTZOptics Zcam w/SDI for durable connectivity
  • ReflecMedia Chroma Key setup
  • Software based H.264 recording
  • Low latency live video preview
  • End-to-end balanced audio signal path
  • Behringer Xenyx 1002B Audio Mixer w/phantom power & visible VU meter
  • RODE NTG1 Shotgun Mic
  • Acoustic treatment for better audio
  • Mic extension mount for better microphone placement
  • Bright and compact Prismatic LED Luna lights
  • All hardware for hanging microphone & lights from a drop-ceiling
  • All hardware for hanging Chromatte curtain and acoustic panels
  • Foot switch floor button for recording start/stop
  • Control panel for configuring video
  • Dual monitors

Zoom* Add-On ($1,400)

The Zoom Add-On gives you the power to join or host a Zoom meeting with your One Button Studio. The output of the One Button Studio+Plus becomes your input into Zoom, which means that your background, watermark and PowerPoint are all there with you. There’s no cooler way to host a Zoom presentation!

One Button Studio+Plus v2 Walkthrough Video | Run Time: 8:34

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