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Everything you need to turn a small room into an interactive, automated recording studio.

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Easy. Powerful.

Show up with a thumb drive.


Walk away with a finished video.

The OBS Plus Advantage

  • Automated, self-serve video production requiring no crew.
  • Reliable and easy-to-use, minimizing training and tech support.
  • No editing required! Walk away with a finished video.
  • Accessible even to the non-technical.
  • Easy integration; installs in a standard 10′ x 12′ room.
  • All-inclusive kit for building a One Button Studio room.
  • Free Tech Support for 1 year, with extended support options.

Why hassle with tripods, light stands, camcorders and cables when you can have an all-in-one system in a dedicated space?

Use cases:

  • Student Assignment Presentations
  • Online Class Content Creation
  • Training Videos
  • Presentation Practice
  • Campus Communications
  • Company/CEO Live Streams

New features for Version 3:

  • New Camera/Optics for Better Chroma Key Results
  • Upgraded Acoustical Treatment for Superior Audio and a Professional Look
  • High-End Studio Lighting that Allows Color Tuning to Match the Room
  • A Secondary Input for an Alternate Presentation Source, e.g. Laptop

The OBS Plus shrinks production time, and its live compositing feature eliminates post-production!

The All-Inclusive OBS Plus kit ($32,000) Includes::

  • Two M1 Mac Minis; presentation & compositing/recording
  • Dual 24″ HD monitors
  • BirdDog PF120 Camera w/zoom presets
  • ReflecMedia Chroma Key system
  • Software based H.264 recording
  • Low-latency live video preview
  • End-to-end balanced audio signal path
  • Behringer Xenyx 1002B Audio Mixer w/phantom power & compressor
  • RODE NTG1 Shotgun Mic
  • Fsorb acoustic treatment for better audio
  • Mic extension mount for better microphone placement
  • Color Tunable Fiilex Studio Lighting
  • Hardware for hanging microphone & lights from a standard drop-ceiling
  • Hardware for hanging Chromatte curtain and acoustic panels
  • Foot switch floor button for recording start/stop
  • X-Keys control panel for configuring video

StudioMatic: One Button Studio Plus

Zoom* Add-On ($2,000)

The Zoom Add-On gives you the power to join or host a Zoom meeting with your One Button Studio. The output of the One Button Studio Plus becomes your input into Zoom, which means that your background, watermark and PowerPoint are all there with you. There’s no cooler way to host a Zoom presentation!

One Button Studio Plus

In this video, Jason walks you through the new One Button Studio Plus v3!

OBS Plus v3 Highlights:

  • Upgraded camera/sensor/optics, which gives better chroma key results
  • Upgraded acoustical treatment for superior audio and a professional look
  • Upgraded studio lights that allow tuning the color temperature to match the room
  • Added functionality to allow an alternate presentation source, e.g. laptop
  • Worldwide voltage compatibility

OBS Plus: Version 3 – Walkthrough Video [ Run Time: 8:58 ]

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Each One Button Studio kit includes a free 1-year support contract.

Technical support is provided by the StudioMatic One Button Studio developer, Jason Jenkins. He is available via phone or email to assist with any problems during installation or operation.

Phone: 855-687-8824

Support content is also available at, including video tutorials, images and documents.

Each One Button Studio kit comes with a 3-year software license. When the license term ends, another license will need to be purchased. To renew your license, contact


Our One Button Studio systems have a 12 month warranty. If any component of the One Button Studio should fail during the first 12 months of ownership, we will facilitate repair or replacement of the faulty component, at no charge.

If any component of the One Button Studio should fail after the first 12 months of ownership, we will facilitate repair or replacement of the faulty component, charging the retail price of the repair or replacement.