Space Considerations

When considering the purchase of a One Button Studio kit, the first question to ask is; “Where will I put it?”. Here’s a checklist to make sure your room is ready for a One Button Studio installation:

Is my room big enough? A 10′ x 12′ room, with an 8′-10′ ceiling, is ideal for a One Button Studio. A bare minimum size would be 8′ x 10′. Larger rooms can be used, where a corner, or one side of the room will be dedicated to the One Button Studio. In such a case, a 10′ x 12′ area is ideal.

Do I have a drop-ceiling? Our One Button Studio kits come standard with hardware for hanging the lights and microphone from a drop-ceiling grid.

Do I have power? The beauty of these One Button Studios is that everything runs off of a single power outlet. Plug the cabinet into the wall, and that’s it. No need to bring in the electrician to put power in the ceiling.

Do I need a network connection? The Basic, Green, and Plus systems are designed to operate independently, with no outside network connection. However, having a network connection is necessary for any remote log-in support. Some customers, with the Plus, like to have the Presentation Mac on Wifi so they can access PowerPoint files on the LAN, or upload recorded videos to their LMS. A wired connection is also an option, but does require a bit more work to set up, as IP addresses for the Mac(s) and the camera will need to be changed to match your LAN infrastructure.

What are my walls made of? Typically, the Chromatte backdrop and acoustic panels are mounted to sheetrock walls with screw-in hollow-wall anchors. If you have brick or cinderblock, 3M Command Hooks and/or drop ceiling hooks are ‘no-drill’ options for hanging the backdrop and acoustic panels.

Does my room have windows? The struggle with exterior windows is that the lighting conditions can vary dramatically from minute-to-minute. That’s bad news for video recording. Any exterior windows should be covered. Blinds, drapes, or blackout window film will all do the trick.

Is my room quiet enough? You’ll want to pick a space that’s relatively quiet. You don’t want noise from adjoining rooms being picked up during video recordings. HVAC is another consideration. Do you have a loud air vent in the room? Can you shut it off? The included acoustic panels are designed to reduce the reflection of sound waves inside the room, but they do not act as sound-proofing.

Shipping Considerations

Our One Button Studio kits are delivered by freight truck, on a  pallet. Make sure you give us a shipping address where loading dock facilities exist.