What is a One Button Studio?

A One Button Studio is an automated audio/video recording system designed to eliminate technical barriers and make it easy for anyone to record a presentation.

One of the distinguishing features of a One Button Studio is the live compositing that allows you to see the output at all times. At the end of a recording session, you have a completed video that requires no editing.

History of the One Button Studio

The One Button Studio concept was originally conceived at an EduCause conference, in the early 2010’s.  A working One Button Studio system was developed in 2014 by a team at Penn State. Combining off-the-shelf hardware, software and a custom Mac app, Penn State deployed around thirty installations at their own campuses, and the plans were released to the public. Dozens of other universities and colleges jumped on the idea of a self-service video production room and built One Button Studios following Penn State’s online instructions and resources. As of 2022, these resources are no longer available, because Penn State unveiled their One Button Studio 2.0 system, officially retiring the long-outdated One Button Studio 1.0. The 2.0 systems are being kept ‘in-house’, meaning that plans and software will be offered to neither to other educational institutions, nor to the general public.

In 2019, the first turn-key One Button Studio kits were made available for sale by DVEstore Inc. Branded under the name of StudioMatic™, their most popular One Button Studio product is called the One Button Studio Pro, which allows the presenter to load a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, select a background, select a watermark––and it all becomes part of the recorded presentation.

Extron, a big-name player in the AV industry, released a system in 2017 called the Studio Station, which offers some of the basic functionality of a One Button Studio system. Here is a comparison chart which gives an overview of the differences between the Extron Studio Station and StudioMatic’s pre-built One Button Studio kits.

Extron Studio Station StudioMatic Turn-key One Button Studio
Pay for design services Pre-designed and ready to go–will fit into a space as small as 9’x12′
Limited, not easily customizable Flexible, easily customizable touch screen control
Connects to lighting systems, sold separately All studio lights included


Through your AV integrator Through your AV integrator, or direct from onebuttonstudio.info
Assembly Through your AV integrator 80% pre-assembled; professional installation available from StudioMatic
Support Through your AV integrator Developer direct support via email, phone & remote login. One year of support included, with extended support contracts available
Functionality One-click recording; green screen, presentation integration via projector or TV screen, thumb drive delivery One-click recording; green screen, presentation integration via software, live compositing, network or thumb drive delivery
Performance Post-production editing required 5-6 frame program monitor delay; no post-production necessary.
Price Not made public. Must go through an AV integrator. $38–$56K depending on options